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Supramolecular Chemistry and Self-Assemblies

Welcome to the SAMS Research Group

Group Leader: Professor Nicolas GIUSEPPONE

Thank you for visiting our website. The SAMS Laboratory was created in February 2008 and is part of the International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry (icFRC).

Fields of Research

- One of the greatest challenges facing chemistry at its frontiers with physics and materials science is to design molecules in order to build functional objects at mesoscale. This so-called “bottom-up” approach in nanoscience can nowadays be realized by the programmed self-organization of molecules. With such an aim in view, the understanding and the control of self-assembly processes, phase separation, confinement, and chirality in complex systems, possibly in interaction with external stimuli or fields, are among exciting problems for materials science and beyond. In particular, highly elaborated performances characterizing living systems result from both multiple levels of hierarchical organization and time-dependent processes.


- The SAMS research group is involved in these fundamental investigations for it relies on state-of-the-art domains of chemical science such as organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly processes and dynamic combinatorial chemistry.