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Contact and Registration

Contact : LbL Events

Please direct all inquiries concerning the meeting to LbL Events

Registration :

Please pre-register here for the International LbL-Symposium 2011 : Pre-Registration LbL-Symposium 2011

Apologies for the long list of items that the site will ask you to fill in. We only need the complete "personal information" and the first two lines for your "organization" ("Affiliation" and "Address").
There are some more required fields below, but we are not planning to use the information in the four lines of fields on the bottom of the pre-registration form. Unfortunately it was technically impossible to suppress those fields.

Registration fee :

Postdocs and students EUR 75,-
Academic participants EUR 150,-
Participants from industry EUR 650,-

Please note : As you may or may not be aware, the symposium on "20 Years Layer-by-Layer Assembly" will be held as a satellite meeting to the "Hybrid Materials Meeting" in Strasbourg. The "satellite" aspect only concerns the timing, so that some attendants from the other meeting can stay on should they wish to do so. No one attending the "LbL-Symposium" needs to register for the "Hybrid Materials" meeting. Of course, anyone is free to attend the "Hybrid Materials" meeting if he/she wishes to do so out of personal interest.