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The Mechanical Workshop

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The Mechanical Workshop ensures the conception (design and drawing of the plans) and realization (construction) of experimental apparatuses for the laboratory.

It is composed of 4 persons:

This service comprises:

  • A machining workshop containing:
    • 1 computer numerically controlled milling machine (PMER, with ANILAM control)
    • Conventional lathes / turning machines (Cazeneuve, Gallic, Devallière)
    • Conventional milling machines (Huré)
    • These machines are equipped with optical rulers for numerical visualization of the sides of the sample
    • Drills
    • Saws for cutting raw materials
  • A welding /soldering workshop equipped with:
    • A soldering station for TIG welding under argon of stainless steel and aluminium
    • Spot welders
    • Oxy-acetylene torches
  • A sheet iron workshop
  • A sanding station
  • A drawing office disposing of:
    • Three computers with DAO/CAO and AutoCAD Mechanical® software
    • One FAO computer with GOELAN® software

Several interesting apparatuses have been constructed in this workshop, notably:

  • Apparatus for direct measurement of forces on the molecular scale (SFA) called a "force machine" (P. Kekicheff)

  • Special light scattering instruments:
    • multi-angle in 2D
    • multi-angle in 3D
    • with a heated cell (C. Mathis)
    • with measurement of viscosity (C. Picot, D. Sarazin)
  • Machine to rub layers of PTFE for electron microscopy, called a "rubbing machine" (J.C. Wittmann, M. Brinkmann)
  • Instruments for atomic force microscopy (AFM) (M. Maaloum)
  • Thermostated cell for measurement of interfacial tensions (P. Marie)
  • Diverse precision regulators for optical instruments
  • Scratch test apparatus (sclerometer) (R. Schirrer, C. Gauthier)
  • Apparatus for study of foams under continuous shear (Hele-Saw Couette cell)
  • Support for a high pressure catalysis reactor (P. Lutz)