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Phone: 03-88-41-40-33
- mail : biblio.ics_at_ics.u-strabg.fr

Access: Personnel of the ICS, doctoral students, researchers and lecturers-researchers

The library is a particularly important element for every laboratory. Our institute’s library covers a large number of scientific fields, notably in physics, physical chemistry, chemistry, materials science, etc...

  • On account of its importance, this library forms part of the Service Commun de Documentation de l’Université Louis Pasteur (ULP, Strasbourg 1) (Common Documentation Service of the University Louis Pasteur).
  • Thanks to its history, it is one of the most comprehensive libraries on all subjects relating to polymers.

It currently contains some 2,700 works, is a regular subscriber to close to 50 journals and follows evolutions in the scientific field through the purchase of about thirty volumes annually.

The contents of the library are listed in the on-line catalogue of the Service Commun de Documentation de l’ULP. To search only among works belonging to the ICS library, you should fill out, as well as your search form, the field "tous critères (all criteria)" using "fufi". You can likewise consult the list of publications of the ICS since 1994 and the register of theses kept in the library.