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Rheology of free-standing ultra-thin polymer films

The project aims at understanding the physics and mechanics of ultrathin films under nonlinear conditions such as the viscoelastic compliance, yielding phenomenon, the effects of moisture etc.
The recently developed nanobubble inflation method in the group of G. McKenna (Texas Tech University) gives access to the viscoelastic spectrum via the creep compliance. This nanobubble inflation method was enhanced with a non-contact interferometric technique to probe linear and non-linear mechanical responses at the micro- and nano-scale (collaboration ICube).

Research interests :

  • analyze linear and nonlinear responses with respect to the material’s microstructure.
  • analyze the effect of environmental conditions (T, RH)


  • Texas Tech University, Lubbock, United-States,
  • Freiburg University, Germany,
  • ICube, Strasbourg, Fance.
  • Within ICS : TSP.

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