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Les polymères aux interfaces (anglais)

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A central research area of the ICS has always been the
broad field of polymer science. The axis “Polymers and
Interfaces” rests on this
tradition and encompasses
polymer chemistry, physics
and engineering. Its
research activities often
involve synthetic or biomacromolecules near
interfaces, where we address
fundamental questions and
also work on technical
developments of the pertinent characterization
techniques. These techniques as well as some of the
research projects are directly relevant to applications,
e.g., in materials science, optoelectronics or medicine.


The purpose of preceding section was not to be an
exhaustive description of our research, but rather to
give an introductory overview exemplifying the
breadth of the available competences and scientific
activities. The competences include macromolecular
chemistry, polymer and bio-physics, measurement of
surface forces and diverse imaging techniques, control
and analysis of polymer morphology, and mechanical
testing of soft matter systems (see below). These
competences are found in 5 research groups (PMC,
PBMI, TSP, PMTP, Mcube, Sycommor), which address
fundamental and applied problems in polymer science
(see “Examples of studied topics” and “Domains of
application” below).