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Available Software CNTb

A set of scripts allowing batch processing and statistical analysis of photon correlation spectroscopy data via CONTIN inversion.

The CONTIN software, written by S. W. Provencher, allows one to analyze data that can be modelled by linear integral equations. A canonical example is the autocorrelation function of the intensity scattered by particles with a size polydispersity as measured in photon correlation spectroscopy.
For practical reasons, it is often useful to analyze data independently of the measurement apparatus. Moreover, some problems can involve numerous experiments and it becomes tedious to analyze data one by one. Some batch processes allowing one to analyze hundreds of files in a single command line and to extract the results provided by CONTIN become then very useful. It is the purpose of CNTb.
The archive contains the compiled CONTIN software together with the shell, PERL and gnuplot scripts to use CONTIN on an Apple computer (OSX.5 and above) and to get the best of it. Only a basic knowledge of UNIX line commands is needed to use it.
CNTb should run smoothly on computers operated LINUX or Windows systems with only few modifications.
CNTb can be freely downloaded and used. Feedback is welcome.

François Schosseler,
Institut Charles Sadron,
Strasbourg, France
Mail : francois.schosseler
PDF - 415.8 ko
Zip - 1.1 Mo
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