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Christian Carmona-vargas

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I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. In 2009, I started my studies in chemistry at the Universidad del Valle (Univalle) in Cali and during the last year of my bachelor degree (2014), I worked on the synthesis of hydrazone compounds under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Manuel N. Chaur.

In 2015, I moved to São Carlos in Brazil to pursue my master degee in chemistry, where I worked on the synthesis of curcumin and two of their natural analogues under continuous flow conditions with the research team LQBO directed by Prof. Dr. Kleber T. de Oliveira at the Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar). Afterwards, I returned to Colombia in 2017 to join to the research group of Prof. Dr. Manuel N. Chaur at Univalle as fellow of the young researchers and innovators program of the colombian administrative department of science, technology and innovation (known as COLCIENCIAS)  to work on the synthesis of hydrazone compounds and the study of their responses to external stimuli (UV light, metal ions).

In November of 2018, I moved to Strasbourg in France to pursue my doctoral studies in organic and supramolecular chemistry with the research team SAMS under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nicolas Giuseppone and Dr. Emilie Moulin at the Institut Charles Sadron.


The aim of the research project in which I am working on is to synthesize and characterize a bistable rotaxane based on a daisy chain structure, with the goal of integrate this stimuli responsive molecule in polymer systems.


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