Institut Charles Sadron Présentation

Instances du laboratoire et commissions de l’ICS

Laboratory council
It is an advisory body composed of ex-officio members, elected members and appointed members. The director, ex-officio, chairs this body, which must meet at least 3 times a year to discuss various topics concerning the life of the laboratory. The term of office of laboratory council is 4 years.

Local Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee
Responsbible: Director of ICS
It is a consultative body whose purpose is to contribute to the protection of the physical and mental health and safety of agents in their work.

Commissions de l’ICS

Communication committee
Responsible: Wiebke Drenckhan
This committee, which includes a representative of each team/service/plateform of the laboratory, works on the internal and external communication.

Committee “Follow-up and professional insertion of non-permanent staff”
Responsible: Pierre Muller
This commission is in charge of guiding doctoral and post-doctoral students working in the laboratory. It also ensures the welcome and training of newcomers to the common techniques of the laboratory. Last but not least, the committee encourages non-permanent staff think about their future professional integration.
Attendre validation P MULLER : mail du 09 juillet.

Premises committee
Responsbile : Olivier Felix
This committee is responsible for proposing internal rules concerning the organisation of the office and lab spaces. It is in charge of the allocation of offices and lab spaces to the staff of the institute.

ITA committee
Responsible: Director of the institute
This joint committee is composed of 3 members of the directorate and of the three elected C members of the laboratory council. It examines the possibilities for promoting IT agents and establishes propositions for their promotions and rankings.

Committee « Quality of life at work »
Responsible: Fouzia Boulmedais
This committee is responsible for proposing actions that promote exchanges between employees and develop a working environment that enoucrages the well-being of everyone.