Institut Charles Sadron Grand public

Charles Sadron Institute (ICS) is a CNRS laboratory interested in polymers. Polymers are macromolecules, i. e. long chains of small molecules linked by covalent bonds, such as a pearl necklace. Synthetic polymers are an integral part of our daily lives. We find them as well in the form of plastics (bottles, bags, toys etc...) but also in our clothes, seat or sofa foams, anti-scratch covers for glasses, in paints etc.... Natural polymers, such as hyaluronic acid, cellulose or collagen, are widely used in cosmetics and in the biomedical field in the form of dressings, treatment against cartilage loss etc... Charles Sadron Institute is a unique place where chemists, physico-chemists and physicists study and develop new polymers to obtain functional materials, named smart materials that can be applied to different fields:

  • Biomedical: antimicrobial coatings, encapsulation and drug delivery systems, biosensors, anti-cancer treatments
  • Energy production: photovoltaics and thermoelectricity

Our institute gather specialists in:

  • Polymer chemistry and supramolecular self-assembly
  • Determination of the structure of polymers in solution (X-ray diffusion)
  • The plastics industry
  • Polymer foams
  • Organic/inorganic coatings for energy production
  • Biocompatible and antimicrobial coatings
  • Mechanical characterization and resistance of polymeric materials
  • Theory and simulation of polymer behaviour in melts and solutions