Institut Charles Sadron Equipements


Thin Film Pressure Balance

This home-built device was developed by Cosima Stubenrauch at the University of Stuttgart. It is used to characterise th


DNA Synthesizer

Automated synthesizer allowing parallel DNA synthesis


ELMO glow discharge system

Equipment's description

Nom Emplacement Catégorie Equipe Responsable
A339 FabricationPECMATBoulmedais Fouzia
A339 FabricationPECMATBoulmedais Fouzia
DNA Synthesizer B327 FabricationCMPLutz Jean-François
DNA Synthesizer C313 FabricationCMPLutz Jean-François
Automated platform for synthesis B-327 FabricationCMPLutz Jean-François
Glove box G116 FabricationSYCOMMORBrinkmann Martin
Rubbing machine G120 FabricationSYCOMMORBrinkmann Martin
Discover SP - Microwave reactor D307 FabricationSYCOMMORRuiz Carretero Amparo
Numerical micromill F-050 FabricationMIMDrenckhan Wiebke